Frequently asked questions

1What is POW UK trying to do?

POW UK is mobilising the UK outdoor sports community to make positive choices on climate change. POW believes that by mobilising an engaged community we will make a difference.

2How will POW UK achieve this?
3How do we know climate science and change is real?
4What is the main reason for climate change?
5Where are we at with CO2 then?
6So what does this mean for temperature?
7So is that it? – a 1°C rise doesn’t sound like much to me?
8Is that it though? Are we stopping at 1 degree of warming
9But isn’t this a bit hypocritical – surely skiers & snowboarders are part of the problem?
10What are the solutions to climate change?
11It’s a bit overwhelming, how are we meant to succeed with Donald Trump publically denying the science etc / What is the good news?

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