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Protect Our Winters UK. This is what we believe in. 

We all need Winter. Winter needs us!


Protect Our Winters UK is a charity formed to educate and support UK outdoor sports communities to mobilise and take positive action on climate change, starting with snowsports.

We do this by engaging individuals and organisations through their snowsports livelihoods and passions. We educate them on the risks of climate change and support them to take effective action.



Protect Our Winters UK is the UK branch of the global Protect Our Winters movement started in the United States 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones.  They’ve had huge successes in growing awareness of the threat to winters posed by Climate Change and effecting change.


Protect Our Winters UK

Here in the UK, we engage people and corporates through their wintersports livelihoods and passions, educate them on the risks of climate change, empower them to take effective action and encourage and support them to do so.Snowsports are uniquely affected by climate change and we want to give people the confidence not only to take action to protect what they love but also to know that the action they are taking is effective.

Everyone behind POW UK is a keen skier, snowboarder, surfer or mountaineer.  Founded as a Charity in 2017 we’re making fast progress to grow awareness of our mission.  We would love you to join us on this journey that will protect our winters, make the snow deeper, more frequent and our seasons longer.


So, what’s the plan?!

With your help we want to share an understanding of the very real risk posed by increasing global temperatures caused by man-made influences.  More importantly though, we want people to understand how they, as individuals, can have a real impact in the outcome of this climate change, how far it goes and the damage it does to our winters.


What can you do?

  1. Join us! Sign up to our mailing list, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Develop your understanding of the challenge, the science and the facts 
  3. Learn about the actions you can take to start making to make the change from quick and easy steps to larger political and corporate influence.
  4. Donate, as an individual or company, to help us grow POW UK and support our mission
  5. And if you want to get involved with POW UK as a volunteer then have a look at the help we need here


Key Successes

  • Launched April 2017 by a team of volunteers located across the UK and the Alps with the aim of connecting with the estimated 2 Million people who go on a snowsports holiday each year from the UK
  • In year one, social media following grew to more than 2000 and we attended multiple events in the UK to start getting the mission out there.
  • Key partnerships established with renewable energy supplier Wirsol, online retailers Surfdome, The Telegraph’s Ski Show, Crystal holidays and many others .
  • Evolving a network of Ambassadors across the ski, snowboard and mountaineering communities including presenter Ed Leigh and Olympian Billy Morgan
  • Started work on our Winter Guardian programme (coming soon……)
  • We’ve got a plan of how we’ll spread the word and, with you, make a difference! 

POW International

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