Engaging with your bank to highlight your concerns about climate change and asking them what they're doing about it is a simple way to make sure the issue is is on their radar and gives more volume to the voices within these organisations who care and are pushing for positive change in how they operate.

Banks are slowly moving towards realising sustainable and purposeful finance is the future, that public demand is growing AND that the compromise in return vs. some traditional 'dirty' investments is narrowing rapidly. As a result there have been some great success stories!
RBS have stopped funding Arctic oil exploration, new coal plants and oil sands. ING have committed their 500B € lending portfolio to achieving the objectives of the Paris agreement. BNP Paribas are investing $15Bn in environmentally by 2020 and are committed to securing a low-carbon economy. Nordea Bank are reinvesting $700M away from high carbon companies and into environmentally friendly assets. Check out their video for more details.
Not all banks are equal though (see how your bank compares here) and in 2017 the world's banks still provided over $115 USD billion of fossil fuel finance. So we all need to write to our bank to make sure the issue of climate change and the need for more purposeful and sustainable investment is on their priority list and they all make the change.

You can click on your bank's logo below to quickly access a template email and the contact details for the main banks in the UK, so it will take you less than a minute to take this step towards your bank making a difference, just remember to sign your name at the end!
E-Mail your bank to tell them that you care!
Some banks (Nationwide, we're looking at you!) don't let you e-mail them, so click on the link and copy/paste the message at the bottom into their contact form.
Lloyds Bank
Metro Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Starling Bank
  Dear <YOUR BANK>,

I am a customer of yours. Thank you for providing all my banking services.

I am writing today because I am deeply concerned about climate change. Put simply, we are in a bit of a pickle and it is critical that we move to a low carbon economy as quickly as possible.

I have heard that some banks are continuing to fund the development of high carbon energy sources, such as tar sands, coal or even new oil ventures in pristine environments such as the Arctic. This seems to me like madness, given the need to move to a low carbon economy.

Please could I ask you to re-assure me, as a concerned customer of yours, that you have a robust climate change policy in place, that prohibits any such lending.

I look forward to hearing the good news from you on this.



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