Take Action

Remember that fierce joy you feel when you cut into untracked POW. The deep silence you hear when you wake in the middle of the night and peek out the window to see its dumping. How excited kids get when they can play in the snow?

Well now, more than ever, we ALL need to take action if we want to be able to have more memories like this. You’ve made the first step by coming here, now let us show you the rest of the way.

POW Mountain

Check out the runs on our POW mountain, pick your line and join us in taking positive action to save winter.

Take Action
A smooth confidence builder, filled with a range of actions you can take in your own life. Take a few laps, warm the legs up and start to feel great about the positive action you're taking.


  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier with our partners Winter Alliance
  • Repair is a radical act! As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer. Find out more.
  • If you are buying new equipment, check out our eco kit blog
  • Change shopping habits - eat less meat, beef in particular and look for locally sourced produce
  • Learn about climate changeread our short blog on why snowsports are on the front line of climate change, or watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ or ‘Chasing Ice
The mountain's always more fun with friends! Now that you're stoked on the green, tell your buddies. And don't stop there! Let us support you to spread the word further.


  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues
  • Host a film screening of climate film for friends & family
  • Write to local politician (with POW support on content)
  • Take the train rather than flying
  • Look to cycle, walk or take public transport rather than use the car

Steeper, perhaps a little bumpy in places but so much fun! There are good companies and bad companies. But they all listen to their customers and are also influenced by their suppliers!

Red run actions are all about influencing companies to do better, with helpful case studies from those that already are.


  • Find out about your employer's on sustainability policy
  • Present to or survey colleagues on climate change (with POW support)
  • Think about how you can influence the companies you are engaged with to take action

Up for a challenge? Come ride the hardest inbound line on the POW hill - this bad boy is all about influencing money. We all use it but do we know what the banks, insurance and investment companies who take our money actually do with it? Maybe if we did we'd want them to do things a bit differently...



  • Engage with your employer on pension investment policy – aim to move to climate aware funds with active stewardship – POW will support you, working with Shareaction
  • Engage with your bank on its sustainability policy - who does it lend money to and more importantly - who doesn't it lend money to?
  • Could your pension save the planet? Wow, maybe it could - check out this short animation from global insurance giant and eco warrior Aviva

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