We’re supporting the Local Electricity Bill. If it can be passed into law, it will better support community energy companies, helping drive forward renewable energy installations. Community energy schemes could save million of tonnes of CO2 each year by 2030helping Protect Our Winters. Ask your MP to support the Bill today!

Read on for some information about this campaign, in the words of Power for People whose Community Energy Revolution campaign is leading the way and who actually authored the bill.

This campaign is for the Local Electricity Bill to become law. If we succeed, the new Local Electricity Act would give the energy regulator, OFGEM, a duty to create a Right to Local Supply.

The crucial element of this new right would be ensuring that new and existing community energy companies face setup and running costs proportionate to the scale of their business. This would allow them to be financially viable and thus unleash their potential in towns, cities and villages across the country.

Peter Aldous MP, a long-time champion of community renewable energy and a Conservative, agreed to re-introduce the Bill as a Ten Minute Rule Bill on Wednesday 10th June.

Our plan is to continue to grow the grass-roots support for the Bill across the country and continue to mobilise and co-ordinate this support, so that MPs are lobbied by their local constituents to support the Bill.

Please sign up, join the campaign and ask your MP to support the Bill and track the progress after the House of Commons debate on Wednesday 10th June.

Together we can transform things.

Thanks to Power for People for creating this Bill and leading the campaign to support it, as well as writing the above description.

You can find out even more on the current situation and next steps on the full version of this post on their website.

Please support this campaign today!

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