It’s been a long time coming, but POW UK are delighted to announce and share prizes with the lucky winners of our POW Hunt competition, which was launched at the back end of 2017 during the epic Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show (October 26 – 29 2017, London).

 Blessed with some incredible partnering companies, POW UK was asked to create a gamified journey through the show which educated those interested in climate change awareness with some essential facts. We asked six questions, gave some multiple choice answers – and left you guys to decide which were correct. Winners were drawn from the competitions entries at random, and we were delighted to see how informed so many of you already are on what’s happening to our planet.

All winners have now been contacted and their epic prizes have been sent and received. A huge thanks goes out from all of us here at POW UK to our friends at Crystal Ski HolidaysSki Club of Great BritainPFD skisPatagoniaGroove ArmadaGo Deep TravelMossy Earth, and Camel Snow. Prizes ranged from a £200 holiday voucher through to a new pair of ski goggles; well done to all of the lucky winners for taking part and supporting POW UK, and thanks again to the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show. We’re looking forward to 2018’s edition already!

We’ve shared the competition questions below. Can you find the right answers?

a) What is the Main cause of climate change?

  1. Humans burning fossil fuels, like coal and petrol which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  2. The Earth is flat and acts like a giant mirror, inevitably getting hotter as more heat from the sun hits it
  3. The Earth is on a natural warming cycle caused by wobbles in our orbit around the sun and will natural cool back down again in due course 

b) As skiers and snowboarders, we should care about climate change because:

  1. Summers will get way in the hot in the future, meaning there is even less to do when its not snowing as it will be too hot to go to the beach – the price of icecreams will rocket!
  2. Wintersports are already being affected by global warming and will be severely diminished with less snow 
  3. We shouldn’t care! This is a job for politicians and surely they must have it under control!

c) What is the current level of global warming?

  1. The Earth has not started to warm yet, this is something that might happen in the future
  2. Approximately 1 degree celsius, relative to the pre-industrial (1880 to the 1920 mean) temperature
  3. Approximately 2 degree celsius, relative to the pre-industrial (1880 to the 1920 mean) temperature

d) Which way of traveling to the Alps is best for limiting global warming?

  1. Taking the ski train to the Alps and then a Tesla transfer up to the resort
  2. Packing a car full of people and driving out to the Alps
  3. Flying from a UK airport to the Alps and then transferring by train to the Alps

e) What is the level of sea rise associated with the current level of global warming?

  1. 50cm. If this was snow, it would make for a pretty good powder day!
  2. 6m to 9m. This is about as much snow as Morzine received last season. And it wasn’t a good season! But it would be a lot of water if the sea went up this much – central London would be flooded
  3. 25m. European resorts might receive this much snow in a pretty epic season. In some parts of Northern America, seasonal snowfall often exceeds this

f) Is there any reason for optimism when it comes to global warming?

  1. Sure! Donald Trump is in the Whitehouse and he’s told me it’s nothing to worry about
  2. Of course. The Paris agreement (COP21) is unprecedented and that means we will limit global warming that isn’t too bad
  3. Yes, although it is a big, scary, global problem which can be overwhelming, we now have the solutions to climate change in our hands

Correct answers:

a) 1.

b) 2.

c) 2.

d) 1.

e) 2.

f) 3.

For more winter updates from the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show, follow them on twitter @TeleSkiShow or via their homepage here. Look out for details on 2018’s edition of the Show coming again this winter in central London.

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