POW UK are producing the POW Hunt at this year’s Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show

What is the POW Hunt? There are 6 POW UK snowflakes to find around the show, as shown in the picture!

Each snowflake contains a winter themed climate change question. Simply find the 6 snowflakes, complete the multiple choice questions on the answer sheet provided and drop your answer sheet off in one of the POW postboxes by each snowflake, or hand to a POW volunteer.


Prizes! Yes, our wonderful corporate partners have donated some amazing prizes – if you enter the contest then you have a chance to win:

Where Are The Snowflakes?

Snowflakes are kindly being hosted by:

  • The Warren Smith Ski Academy (stand 321)
  • The Ski Club of Great Britain (stand 509)
  • Groove Armada (stand 213)
  • PFD Skis (stand D13)
  • Crystal (stand 205)
  • Planks (stand D18)

What Are The Answers?

Well that would be telling! But we have given some clues below

1. What is the main cause of global warming?

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels are “the dominant control knob on global temperature” – higher concentrations of CO₂ are the global equivalent of putting an extra thermal on under your jacket. 

Burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, takes ancient carbon that was locked within the Earth and puts it into the atmosphere as CO₂.

Since the industrial revolution humans have burnt an enormous amount of fossil fuel, causing atmospheric CO₂ and other greenhouse gases to skyrocket.

2. As skiers & snowboarders, we should care about global warming because…

Already iconic wintersports events like Whister’s Camp of Champions are being cancelled due to glacial retreat. In Europe, December 2016 was the driest December since record keeping began over 150 years ago in parts of the Swiss Alps. Scientists estimate that the Alps could lose as much as 70% of its snow cover by the end of the century with skiing only possible above 2,500m.

However, if humans manage to keep global warming below 2°C, the snow-cover reduction would be limited to 30% by 2100.

That’s why at POW UK, we’re mobilising the UK outdoor sports community to make positive choices on climate change, so that we can continue to enjoy POW for years to come.

3. What is the current level of global warming?

16 of the 17 warmest years in the 136-year record have all occurred since 2013. The year 2016 ranks as the warmest on record, with warming levels of 1.3°C relative to the 1880 to 1920 mean.

In 2015, in an unprecedented display of human co-operation, most of the countries on Earth agreed to make efforts to keep global warming to 2°C by limiting their emissions of greenhouse gas.

What is really worrying is that if we don’t manage to keep global warming below 2°C, then it is very likely that we will be unable to stop further global warming as large and irreversible changes, such as the melting of the polar ice caps may be triggered. Needless to say, but this would be very bad for more than just snowsports.   

4. Which way of travelling to the Alps is best for limiting global warming?

Flying is generally very bad for the environment and carbon dioxide emissions. It is possible that a car could generate more emissions per person if you drive alone in a high emissions vehicle, compared to a full plane – neither are good.  

The train is currently the most low carbon option. Combining a train with an electric vehicle transfer to a green resort, along with participating in some carbon offsetting could be a very low carbon trip!

5. What is the level of sea rise associated with the current level of global warming?

A sea level rise of between 6 to 9 metres is consistent with 2016 levels of warming. This hasn’t happened yet because it takes time for things like giant ice sheets such as the one on Greenland to melt, which is good – we have a bit of time to try to slow things down.

If sea levels did rise this much, as well as central London being flooded Miami would disappear, as would most of Manhattan. Bangkok, Bombay and Shanghai would lose most of their area. In all, half of humanity would have to move to higher ground!

6. Is there any reason for optimism when it comes to global warming?

The good news is we have the solutions to climate change. The increasingly rapid deployment of renewable energy sources and their rapidly decreasing cost means we genuinely have a viable alternative to fossil fuels – we just need to implement these solutions as quickly as possible.

We have also have an unprecedented global agreement (the Paris agreement) whereby all the countries of the world came together in 2015 and agreed to take measures to limit global warming.

But at the moment, we aren’t moving quickly enough – and that’s why we need your help to save our future. Step up and be a hero! 

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