When they’re not waking up mid-afternoon or surviving on pasta and whatever the reduced aisle provides that evening, university students are learning and developing skills that will hopefully make the world a better place. At Protect Our Winters, we recognise the important role university students will play in the fight for climate action and have this year launched our university partnership programme.

Partnering up with six university snowsports societies across the UK, from St Andrews in eastern Scotland all the way down to Plymouth in southwestern England, we’re mobilising a community of nearly 7,000 uni-going lovers of winter – that’s a lot of power in Winter’s corner!

Covering a big ol’ portion of the country, we’re stoked to have partnered up with these six awesome clubs:

  •        St Andrews Snowsports (SAS)
  •        Edinburgh University Snowsports Club (EUSSC)
  •        Strathclyde Snowsports (SUSC)
  •        University of Manchester Ski and Snowboard Club (SKUM)
  •        Plymouth Snowriders
  •        University of Bristol Snowsports Club (UBSC)

These clubs are full of incredibly passionate Winter Guardians who, with the support of POW, are on a mission to empower both themselves and their members to take meaningful actions to combat climate change. Through educational film nights, using sustainable suppliers, advocacy, divestment campaigns, carbon offsetting, challenging university environmental policies, and many more activities, university snowsports clubs can be significant drivers of change – and we’re here to help them along the way.

With big plans for the academic year ahead, keep a lookout for POW popping up at a campus near you!

If you’re keen on getting your university snowsports club involved with POW, contact Ross to find out how you can join us!

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