If everyone lived like the average British human, circa 2015, we’d need the equivalent of 2.4 earths to provide all our resources and to assimilate all the atmospheric CO2 we collectively produce. Clearly, we are well past tipping point. It’s a good thing that we can enlist the help of an ancient technology to bring about some degree of balance. So what is this technology? 

The latest IPCC report highlighted the matter that we need to not only dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, but additionally take actions to draw down atmospheric carbon. A bit like the way in which celery is negative calories, but with the effect of rescuing the planet from a sticky end, as opposed to getting a bit slimmer. So while scientists pile resources into researching  carbon capture and storage projects, POW would like to draw your attention to a carbon drawdown method which has already existed for thousands of years: the humble tree. Forests have forever been the lungs of the world, so it’s paramount that we not only protect those which exist, but also do what we can to increase the prevalence of new trees. Makes sense, right? 

Fortunately, the rewilding and reforesting movement is gaining momentum. As  Rewilding Europe  put it, “Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation. It’s about letting nature take care of itself…” Introduction of additional flora through rewilding and reforesting actually draws down more carbon than you might think. And with the help of Mossy Earth, you can support the movement. 

Don’t worry – there’s a lot you can do without digging up next door’s back yard, or even so much as getting your hands dirty. Mossy Earth and similar companies allow you to purchase trees that they subsequently plant. Therefore, the more money they receive, the more forests they can plant. 

Actually, POW UK have partnered with Mossy Earth to develop the POW Climate Action Membership. For just £10 per month, Mossy earth will help you offset your contribution to the global carbon overload through rewilding initiatives.  

If you want to know your exact carbon footprint, the team at Mossy Earth will be able to calculate that for you and produce a custom quote in addition to a wealth of helpful tips and guidelines on easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. We’re also giving you the chance to win: sign up before the 31st of December, and you’ll get entered into a POW UK raffle to win a haul of prizes from our incredible partners Patagonia, PFD Skis and Butta Wax!  

You can also enter the comp by offsetting the cost of your next road trip, holiday, or flight. Just use Mossy Earth’s online tool to work out what the carbon cost is and how many trees it will take to offset it. It’s cheaper than you’d think and you can offset a flight flights start from only £5! Just remember to make sure you offset before the 31st of December if you want to be in with the chance of a prize. 

Why not also, for example, request for some trees to be planted as a Christmas gift from a family member, or encourage a one-off donation from your company. Contributing to planting and rewilding is a sure-fire way to help bring the planet back into harmony, and Mossy Earth gives you the perfect platform to be able to do that. 

Some quick maths  

Technically speaking, if you cover the planting of enough trees, you could be carbon neutral. Instead of using your part of the 2.4 earths worth of resources, you could quite feasibly balance this out and use net zero carbon. A good starting point, though, is to offset your flights and sizeable road journeys using the power of plantation. 10 hours of flying, or 13,000 miles travelled in a basic car, account for around 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Using  Mossy Earth’s recommended donation tools,  this will cost between £20 and £30 to offset (don’t forget to double it for return flights!) Mossy Earth also provide the option to offset  all  of your carbon. Join the movement! 

If you can afford to fly, you can afford to offset. 

It’s for the sake of the planet, so factor the offsetting costs into your next trip. Best case scenario for the planet, is that you choose not to fly but to plant the trees anyway. Whatever level of support you choose to offer to reforesting and rewilding campaigns, you’ll be helping support a radical movement! 

In addition to donations, you can support companies that use some of their profits to plant trees. Try search engine Ecosia, which uses advertising profits to fund planting projects, or clothing brand TenTree. 

Did you know:

“An acre of trees absorbs enough CO2 over one year to equal the amount produced by driving a car 26,000 miles.”

  “A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 22kg. per year. So that’s 90 trees for your 2-tonne flight. This is surprisingly not a lot of trees – even small forests have hundreds! “

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