The POW Pledge – organisations must act now, taking action to Net Zero

We need to face the facts that climate breakdown is real, it has started and we need to act now. The business sector accounts for around 70% of carbon emissions globally and, alone, the outdoors sector is worth $800 billion (bigger than the world’s top 3 fossil fuel companies combined). And as an industry that literally needs the earth, it is time for organisations to stand up for it.

The POW Pledge is a new initiative and digital portal from Protect Our Winters UK, developed with Surfdome and Internet Fusion, to equip the industry and help organisations to take climate action towards Net Zero. Whether this is for a business of one, ten, or hundreds, we need organisations of all sizes to understand the importance and impact of their actions.

We have designed the POW Pledge as a toolkit to help and reward organisations for taking meaningful climate action. It covers all aspects of their operations, from how they power and heat their offices and warehouses to who they invest their pensions with, guiding them on the path to Net Zero. For companies that make progressive commitments, we’ll display their pledges here so you can see the companies that are committed to fighting the climate crisis.

As a consumer, your choices can have a huge impact on the actions of businesses, so we urge you to support companies who are committed to more than just profit. If a company hasn’t yet made the pledge, you can contact them and ask them to take the pledge to make a commitment to our planet. As an individual or community, you can stand up for those doing the right thing.

For organisations interested in the POW Pledge, find out more and sign up to make the pledge here.

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