We’re excited to introduce a POW UK collaboration with Entry Level Activist: a positive change platform built to encourage action in 2019. Over the next few weeks we’ll be answering the questions ‘what is a climate change campaign?’ and ‘what can you do?’ This week, we’re starting off by asking: ‘what is an entry level activist?’

Is activism a trend? We hope not – we need you to start making it a way of life. As Greta Thunberg’s Youth Strike for Climate movement continues, along with Sir David Attenborough’s ongoing plea for global environmentalism, it’s time to define what contemporary activism really means to you in order to make the best possible progress together. 

If you’ve never engaged with a non-profit or environmental work before but you’re really resonating with the POW UK mission know that you are not alone.

Caring without knowing how to help is a reality for thousands of us across the UK today, but mobilising this snow-loving community takes effort from all sides. In the face of the climate crisis, following, liking or purchasing your affiliation to a particular cause is not enough which is why here at POW UK, we want you to be an activist – even if its only at an entry level (for now!).

Activism is a definition in motion: it’s always changing and a personal understanding of the term relies on a few keywords that are useful to highlight. Accountability is a big one. It’s easy to double tap an image, purchase a charity-branded t-shirt or read a blog post like this one, but are you able to truly hold yourself accountable to the carbon-lead choices you make? Confronting the individual impact of your lifestyle decisions is a difficult but powerful first step and one that will hopefully change your life. 

Responsibility is another crucial concept that informs the work of activists everywhere. It might be the collective impact of industry fossil fuel usage that is driving the climate crisis, but that doesn’t mean it is the energy company’s responsibility alone to resolve this emergency.

As privileged citizens of a developed society, we share a responsibility to act on climate injustice and at POW UK we trust in a unifying love of the winter outdoors to make positive change (take a look at POW UK’s recently released Impact Report to learn more about our work).

Finally, the word action has to be acknowledged. In a politically polarised landscape where consumers are tapped into online activism like never before, all this talk has to lead to action.

In other words: just do something.

Anyone can make a difference and we should all try. To build on this message we’ll take a look at what a campaign is in our next post, and delve further into entry level activism.

In the meantime, don’t distance yourself away from climate change. If you love skiing or snowboarding, you’re already personally invested in this mission because those snowy moments of bliss are at stake. Put your phone down and consider what you’re physically prepared to do to make change. 

Faith Robinson is a POW UK volunteer navigating the world of online activism one word at a time. Founder of positive change platform Entry Level Activist, she lives in Copenhagen via London and works with Global Fashion Agenda to steer the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. Take action by checking out the POW UK Mountain and see where you can start.

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