Here at POW UK, partnering not only with like-minded teams but also with world-changing companies has been an ambition since we embarked on the Protect Our Winters journey in 2017. It’s for this reason that we’re completely thrilled to announce our first ever Summit Level Partner just a few weeks after celebrating 1 year of POW UK: welcome to the family Wirsol Energy. 

Wirsol is a global energy provider specialising in the development, construction and operation of sustainable energy projects, particularly grid connected solar projects across Europe and now the market leader in Australia. Founded in 2013, the company has achieved a truly incredible reach – primarily providing clean, renewable energy to the electricity networks while serving commercial customers’ regulatory requirements for sustainability. This positively impacts the entire planet by helping to reduce the biggest sustainability issue we face today: climate change – and for that reason, our new Summit Level Partner shares its core values with POW UK’s climate change action goals. In short, Wirsol are helping people incorporate sustainability in the way they consumer energy.

“I am delighted to have partnered with the incredible organisation Protect Our Winters UK. Together, our key objective is to take positive action on climate change by creating a sustainable, clean, low carbon economy. We recognise that it is increasingly important to empower people to take positive action and collectively we can change the face of the future. I am excited to watch our partnership evolve and make a difference collaboratively!”

– Mark Hogan, Managing Director of Wirsol Energy Ltd.

Over the next three years as a Summit Level partner, Wirsol Energy will be directly supporting in empowering POW UK to develop initiatives designed to educate and galvanise individuals to act collectively on climate change. Driving demand for a low carbon economy and a clean-energy future is something we’re passionate about at POW UK, and to have the means to really work towards this dream with the support of Wirsol is incredibly exciting.

“The past decade has been the warmest on record and climate change is already impacting winter, with serious implications for the future of snowsports. Transitioning to a clean-energy economy by investing in solar energy has always been one of our organisation’s core priorities. The pace and scale of Wirsol’s solar investments in the UK, Germany and Australia are genuinely inspirational and our purposes could not be more aligned. We’re very grateful to Mark Hogan and the team at Wirsol for their belief in POW UK and are really looking forward to working together to make a difference.”

– Sandy Trust, Founder of POW UK

At POW UK we don’t see the raised awareness of climate change as a solution to to the complex threat of rising temperatures to winter environments. The ultimate goal is to change people’s behaviors and attitudes towards energy consumption to end single-use intentions in daily life – replacing it with a better-informed approach to the world. We need more education and more collaboration to get there, and with the help of Wirsol, POW UK is an exciting step closer to realising a true climate of change.

Words by Faith Robinson

To learn more about POW UK’s first ever Summit Level partner Wirsol Energy, please follow this link

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