The places that we love are at risk. We need your donations to protect them.

Nothing that we do is possible without winter enthusiasts like you. Thank you.

Will you help us Save the 2000 by running a fundraiser challenge this July?


If you’re a business and want to donate to Protect Our Winters UK, please visit our Partners page for details of our corporate programme or make a donation at our corporate donation & POW 360 page.

Fundraising For POW UK

It’s truly inspirational to everyone to see the ways that our supporters raise money for Protect Our Winters UK to fight the climate crisis.

Fundraising activities and events are a wonderful way for you to get involved and help raise valuable funds for our work and to fight the climate crisis. Click the button below to build your own event page.

How Do We Use Your Donation?

We invest basically all of our funds into activism and programmes to fight the climate crisis. From funding our Community Rep programme and providing our supporters with the materials they need to act on climate change and promote POW UK, to raising awareness through social media and growing an active, engaged audience to fight for our winters through our campaigns, and coordinating with POW International to unite the outdoor community, we make sure that every penny counts. Protect Our Winters UK is run predominantly by volunteers – we have just a few part-time employees to keep us moving.

If you’d like to talk to one of the team about how we use donations or if you want to donate for a specific programme we are running (e.g. a campaign) contact us and one of the team will be in touch.