How do I do this?

Reducing energy should come first, for example ensuring all appliances and lighting are energy efficient. For more information see the Carbon Trust HERE. For larger organisations ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard sets a robust methodology. Energy audits can identify specific areas to save energy if you don’t have internal expertise.

Switching to renewable electricity:

Step 1 – Establish a list of supplies / meters you are operationally responsible for and note the meter number(s), and list of any renewable generation already in place.

Step 2 – Gain a years worth of data for each (usually from bills for small users, or Half Hourly data from the supplier for larger users) and record which if any are on renewable contracts.

Step 3 – Use the renewable electricity hierarchy to identify a plan for each electricity supply to get to 100% renewable, in a way that supports increased renewables. See our guide to the renewable electricity hierarchy for information.

This question doesn’t cover usage outside your organisation’s control, for example third party warehouse and working from home energy use – these indirect emissions can be targeted in Pledge 5 and 6.

If you are an SME you may enter 0 for usage if you do not have this data to hand, but you still commit to reach 100% by the date set.

If your organisation has no operational electricity use e.g. only working from home, enter 0 kWh and today’s date – you commit to to use 100% renewable energy in future if you do take on supplies.

If you do not have direct control of a supply but are operationally responsible for the energy use: Communicate your wishes with the landlord/property manager, look at switching premises, and/or purchase renewable energy guarantee of origin certificates for that usage as a last resort (again see our Guide).

If you completed this transition already, great work! Enter the date you did so, and remember to progress up the renewable electricity hierarchy over time.

If you meet certain criteria (often non-SME size) you will have steps you are required to take by law, notably in the UK Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audits. 

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