Renewable / Biomass / Biogas space heating – How to


Biogas – If you have a mains gas heating, reverting to 100% Biogas contracts will mean your heating system is classed as CO2 neutral

Biomass – converting your heating system to biomass, either wood pellets or wood feed systems will create a CO2 neutral heating system. Be sure to look into the UK Government’s ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ to gain financial support

Renewable Electricity – Electric heating fed by either a 100% renewable electricity contract or on site solar PV system will achieve CO2 neutral status

Heat pumps – heating systems can be run by a air or ground source heat pumps to drastically increase efficiency, but these must be serviced with renewable electricity


Step 1 – Establish your current heating system type, and if mains gas – how many gas meters you are responsible for and note the meter number

Step 2 – Gain a years worth of bills for each system or meter

Step 3 – Speak to existing or new suppliers about a 100% Biogas contract – or speak to renewable energy installers about your options for solar thermal or Biomass

Alternatively – If you wish to change your heating system to Biogas, speak to a renewable energy supplier. If the system is electric make sure your electricity tariff is 100% renewable

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