How do I do this?

This question is about how you are getting ready for the impacts of climate change, not how you are reducing climate change itself.

What is suitable in implementing this depends on the size and type of organisation.

Broadly, a risk assessment process is a good approach to take: Make a list of ways climate change could impact on your organisation. Identify the likelihood and severity of each impact to identify which are most important, then propose ways of reducing each of these risks. Review the suggestions internally, put the changes into action, and continue to monitor over time.

Depending on the operation, your main risks can impact in different areas. Ensure you consider each of these areas:

  • Operational (e.g. lack of suitable conditions for snowsport holidays, or your properties being unusable for any reason such as flooding),
  • Supply chain (e.g. food prices are expected to go up, or deliveries may be affected),
  • Reputational risk, where lack of action on climate change could impact perception of your organisation,
  • Legislative risk, where not being prepared for future legal changes (e.g. increased flight taxes) could damage your organisation.
Useful links

The IPCC has a report on the impacts of climate change on snowsports.

The UKCIP adaptation wizard is a useful tool that can guide you through this process.

There is an international standard on climate adaptation, the ISO 14090. Following it fully would be more appropriate for larger organisations, or the steps could be useful for smaller organisations without having to follow it all.

The Global Commission on Adaptation provides information about the importance of adaptation that could be useful in persuading others in your organisation to act.

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