How do I do this?

You should first reduce travel where possible. Installing modern video teleconferencing can reduce costs and travel time as well as emissions.

Consider the flow of deliveries, and identify where changing processes and warehouse locations could reduce emissions. 

Also use policies or education to reduce the emissions of business travel – for example trains can represent a good alternative to flights for many journeys and usually have a far smaller carbon footprint. 

Then set a timeframe to switch vehicles your business operates to zero emission vehicles, typically electric or hydrogen powered:

Step 1 – List out all the vehicles the business has control over, work out their mileage/fuel use, and the current cost (consider all current incentives).
Step 2 – Establish and compare the long-term costs of replacing vehicles with zero emission alternatives (electric or hydrogen powered), or any you can do without. Financial incentives may be available for green vehicles and charging points.
Step 3 – Establish the greenhouse gas liability of the current fleet by considering fuel purchases and/or mileages claimed to realise the greenhouse gas savings achieved by switching.

The mandatory questions here cover vehicles where your organisation operates the vehicle, and we are looking at near term changes, so are accepting that some vehicles are currently too difficult to change – however if you exclude vehicles without good reason and select to be Public, we may pick this up after you submit and require more commitment.

You should also be looking to address commuting, customer travel and third party logistics. You can work with current suppliers or look for existing lower carbon alternatives. These other transportation impacts can be identified as a focus area in Pledge 5 if they are one of your largest causes, and they can also be included in Net Zero boundary in Pledge 6.

Useful links

The Energy Saving Trust’s Transport portal includes useful resources including a Fleet Management Toolkit and Electric Vehicle Guide.

UK Government website – transport & emissions pages.

More Support

Video walkthrough for this question.

If unsure how to fill in the form, contact POW UK at [email protected]

Compare Your Footprint offers a comprehensive online carbon calculation tool to measure and report on your greenhouse gas emissions that could help with these steps

Every company taking the Pledge receives a free 20 minute call of environmental management advice from our partners at Green Element. We suggest you consolidate your Pledge-related questions, and contact them using the contact form here, or call (+44)0 207 096 054.