What You’ll Need

To complete the POW Pledge you’ll need the following information:

  1. Any details you have on steps you have taken to adapt to the impacts climate change will have on your business
  2. A year’s worth of data on your electricity consumption and contracts, and steps taken on energy efficiency
  3. A year’s worth of data on your space heating consumption and contracts
  4. A list of your vehicle fleet and annual mileage
  5. Any details you have on CO2 emissions for the business
  6. Details of any offset schemes you already work with and targets to reduce currently unavoidable emissions
  7. Any details you have on your business’s carbon goals
  8. The number of regular suppliers that individually account for 10% or more of your expenditure

Note: If you have already achieved one or more of the Pledges (awesome work!) you can select a historical date to represent that!