Why Are We Doing this?

It is hugely important that we reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions globally to keep the global temperature from continuing to rise

Net Zero means that any greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere, are equalled by those being taken out.

If we reach Net Zero globally at 2050, current science tells us it only gives the planet a 50/50 chance of keeping global heating to 1.5 degrees C (global average compared to pre-industrial times), which in turn means keeping the impacts of climate change more manageable. As some countries and industries may struggle or miss their targets, it’s key that that organisations set an target earlier than this for some breathing room.

Businesses that operate in the outdoor industry have a vested interest to reach Zero far sooner than wider industry. Businesses should be working towards this ahead of governments to future proof themselves from policy change. It will also protect organisational reputation, and provide business opportunities both in communicating your leading steps and outperforming competition on these issues.