Thank you for your interest in becoming a Business-supporter of Protect Our Winters UK. 

As a mostly volunteer-run charity any financial support we receive makes a huge difference to us and helps us with our mission to protect our winters.

‘Micro organisations’ (of 10 staff or less and a turnover or balance sheet total of less than €2 million) such as a single chalets, cafes or stores, can support us by becoming part of our POW360 scheme. We realise different companies have different resources available to them and, with that, what constitutes ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’. So depending on the size of your company it’s up to you whether to donate £360 or slightly more per year. 

If you wish to be listed as a POW360 contributor on our Partners page, VAT will be applicable. If you want to make a donation as a business with no VAT applicable but not appear on the Partners page, you can still use the form below. 

If you are interested in donating or fundraising as an individual, please go to our individual giving page instead.

If you’re interested in supporting us even further, being more involved with our charity and becoming a Foundation, Ridge or Summit Partner then contact [email protected]

What Will Your Donation Be Used For?

As POW UK is run largely by volunteers, your money will go into developing our charity and help us deliver our mission by funding our activism and advocacy including:

  • Attending events to grow awareness of what we do and how individuals and companies can make a difference in the fight against climate change
  • Developing our website and social media presence to better engage with our existing and potential new followers
  • Engaging and developing relationships with larger companies to further support us and help us and our followers to mobilise to make the small, medium and big steps towards minimising our environmental footprint and contribution towards increasing global temperatures
  • Developing our community programs such as Community Reps, which is creating a network of trained POW activists across the UK and the Alps
  • Providing the cash-flow to produce merchandise and product for us to sell to further generate revenue and grow awareness.

What you’ll get in return?

POW360 Contributors will receive:

  • Your logo and company details on the POW UK website Partners page and a link to your website & social media accounts

  • The potential to be included in social media posts on our social media platforms – as part of POW360 members updates, or if you have a strong sustainability message or fundraiser. 

  • Tax relief on all donations made. Full details here

  • A POW poster for your office to show your support to staff and visitors 

  • Access to discounted offsetting programme with offset partner Mossy Earth

  • An invite to exclusive POW UK events

  • Good karma and a positive corporate social responsibility message!

Interested? Here’s what to do….

The easiest way to sign-up and become a member is to make a donation here on the form below and send [email protected] an email confirming you’ve made the contribution along with details of your company, your company logo, and URL to your company’s website.

If you require an invoice to make a BACS transfer, then please email [email protected] and we will share the details of how to do this with you.

In addition to donating, we encourage your organisation to run its own or participate in a POW event at least once a year to raise funds, awareness or, ideally, both. This could be anything from fun runs, valley rallies, bake sales, BBQs, sports days, mountain climbs, etc. etc. – we’re sure you’ll come up with great ways to spread the word while having fun!

We hope you will also be taking sustainability action within your business. Do let us know about your progress, and consider signing up for the POW Pledge for guidance as well as recognition if you complete all 8 steps and make it a Public Pledge. 

Thank you for your interest in POW UK