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How to take part in save the 2000

Lovers of the outdoors, we need you this July.

If we carry on as we are, snow at 2000 metres will decrease by 70% in many locations.

We are challenging you to take on a 2000 challenge this July to protect the places that you love. Raise money and help to #SaveThe2000

How to save the 2000

  1. Pick your 2000 challenge. Hike 2000 km, cycle 2000 miles, walk 2000 metres a day, climb 2000 feet etc, we want you to get creative!
  2. Complete your challenge on your own or as a team.
  3. Decide when you will do it. Complete your challenge in 2 days or 31 days - all we ask is that you complete it during the month of July.
  4. Register using the form below.
  5. Set up your JustGiving page. Go to and click on the orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button on the right. Set up yours or your team's page, making it personal to you. There is no minimum fundraising amount - just raise what you can.
  6. Tell your friends, have conversations about why you are saving the 2000 and get ready for your challenge.
  7. Complete your challenge and enjoy the good vibes from knowing that you are doing something to make a change!

What difference will it make?

Every penny that you raise will fund our activism and programmes to fight the climate crisis. Your fundraising will be used to apply pressure on policy makers and educate people to make changes to embrace renewable energy, electric transportation, carbon pricing policies and prevent fossil fuel extraction.

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Download the Save The 2000 Infographic for more information.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]