Our Mission

Protect Our Winters UK exists to inspire and equip communities to take positive action to address the climate crisis.


Our goal is simple: to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society.

Protect Our Winters UK was founded in 2017 by a team of UK outdoor enthusiasts to mobilise the UK outdoor sports community.
We work with athletes, creatives and outdoor sports groups through our Winter Guardians to accelerate our transition to a carbon neutral society and reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints.
Protect Our Winters UK is an independent charity, separate from the other POW chapters and responsible our own funding and campaigns, although we work with the other POW chapters on cross-border and international campaigns and fundraisers.
For our actions to be effective, we need to create an environment that encourages people to take action to combat the climate crisis, however big or small it may be. To ensure that we are successful in our mission, all POW UK activities will be aligned with our five key values:

We will have fun and it will be fun for people to participate


We will welcome all newcomers – the more the merrier!


We will be relentlessly positive in our messaging and outlook


We will build bridges and work collaboratively with other charities and NGOs


We will take action which is effective in addressing the climate crisis.

Our story