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What Can I Do About Climate Change?

This is a question that we often hear. Climate change can be a confusing topic as there’s so much you can do. We’ve broken it down for you, starting with the Green Run – actions for you and going up the POW Mountain to the Black Run and influencing banks. 

Click on a run below to get started and Protect Our Winters!

Green Run

We can all make changes in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint, the green run covers the things you can do in your own life to make a difference

Educate Yourself

Crucial to taking meaningful action. See if we have an upcoming public Carbon Literacy Training courseRead our short blog on why snow sports are on the front line of climate change, watch Climate Change – The Facts, and get more information from reputable sources like NASA and the IPCC.


Will you help us Save the 2000 this JulyIf we carry on as we are, snow at 2000 metres will decrease by 70% in many locations. However if we take action to change course now, we can reduce that to just 30%.

You can also run a fundraiser at other times or donate directly, both via our Donate page.

Renewable Power

The easiest thing to do is switch to a renewable energy supplier. Not only is it good for the planet but you can save hundreds of pounds a year.

 Check out the Big Clean Switch and find out how much you can save!

Save Energy

There are lots of ways to save energy at home, from switching off lights and appliances to using low energy bulbs. You can also save both money and energy by unplugging devices when they’re not in use. It’s been calculated that so-called “vampire devices” use $19 Billion of electricity per year!


 Wherever you can, using public transport is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions. Avoiding flying where possible and taking ski holidays in Europe rather than North America or Japan has a lower carbon footprint. You can also consider taking the snow train to the alps instead of flying to cut emissions.


Reforestation is the only proven way to remove carbon from the atmosphere, clean the air and mitigate climate change. We’ve partnered with Mossy Earth to create the POW Membership, which plants 2 trees every month to help reduce your carbon footprint. You can also offset individual trips or get a personal footprint calculation. Visit their website to get started!

Eat Locally

We often don’t think about how our food comes. Strawberries don’t grow in the UK in December, we have to fly them in. Switch your diet and eat seasonal food (this BBC table is a great guide) and eating locally produced food instead of imported products.

Avoid "Fast Fashion"

Our consumer lifestyle is great for a big wardrobe but not for a healthy planet. Avoid “Fast Fashion” and clothes you’ll only wear once and repair clothes rather than throwing them out for a small defect; you’ll save your wallet and the planet!

Reduce Meat

Meat has a huge carbon footprint. It takes 18.2Kg of CO2 and 22,000 litres of water to produce 500g of beef. You don’t have to go vegetarian/vegan overnight, but reducing your meat consumption has a big effect.

Food Waste

One third of all food purchased in the UK currently goes to waste, with most of it ending up in a landfill. By only purchasing the food you need, not only do we reduce waste, but we also need to import less from overseas, reducing our carbon footprint.


Green spaces are one of the best things you can do for the environment. If you have the space, creating a garden and planting trees will help absorb some of our CO2, as well as reducing local air temperatures, compared to concrete or brick.


Use energy efficient appliances. Use a washing line or clothes rack to dry clothes – tumble dryers use five times as much electricity as washing machines, so there’s a big saving to be made. If your boiler is more than 15 years old, replace it: the carbon saving in the long run will be more than the cost of the new boiler and you can reduce your gas bill by 1/3!

Shop Responsibly

We all have a choice when it comes to who we buy from. If you’re looking for new gear, check the company out first. 

Make sure you check out our Eco-Friendly Kit blog and The Good Shopping Guide for some fantastic companies with a strong sustainability. 

Blue Run

The blue is all about influencing others. Once you’ve looked at your own footprint and reduced it where you can it’s time to get your friends and family on board. There are lots of ways you can encourage others to look at their carbon footprint, here are just a few to get you started.

Host a Film Screening

Once you’ve watched ‘Climate Change – the Facts‘ and ‘Chasing Ice’, share them with your friends. Host a film screening or mini film festival and combine it with the latest Warren Miller or MSP film to hammer in the message of what we’re fighting for.

Organise local group holidays

You don’t have to go all the way to Japan or North America to get amazing conditions. Winter in Europe isn’t dead yet, and you’ll save tonnes of CO2 by not flying half way around the world to get your fix of the white stuff.

Use Video Conferencing

Suggest to your work that you use video conferencing rather than employees travelling between locations for meetings. Not only will it save on the travel, it also saves on the employee’s travel time making everyone more productive!

Talk About It

Tell other people about the changes you’ve made, whether that’s how much you’ve saved by switching to a green energy provider or how easy it actually is to live on a flexitarian / vegetarian / vegan diet. Once others see how easy it is to start they’ll be eager to get on board. Our Carbon Literacy Training course can help – see if we have a public course coming up here.

Write to your MP

Get political and write to your MP to tell them how much climate change matters to you. They won’t make changes unless we tell them it matters and if we all get involved we can make a difference. If you are on our newsletter we’ll let you know about specific campaigns to support!

Carpool Karaoke

If your work is too far off a public transport route for you to commute, ask around the office and find people coming from the same area who you can carpool with. Not only do you immediately halve your carbon emissions, you halve your cost of commuting and the more you share with the better it is.

Red Run

Companies have the power to make changes at scale. More and more, customers are choosing to do business with companies who have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and good environmental policies.

Become a POW Partner

 Encourage your company to become a POW UK corporate sponsor. We work with companies at all levels and budgets to address the climate crisis. Find out more on our corporate partners page

Become Carbon Literate

Run Carbon Literacy Training for key people or become a fully Carbon Literate Organisation so you can develop and enact effective sustainability and CSR policies. Contact us for more information

Take the POW Pledge

Organisations must take direct climate action – determine strategies, and put in place operational changes and policies to rapidly cut their greenhouse gas emissions toward zero. Register at the POW Pledge to get started.

Get Your Club Involved

If you’re part of a university club, outdoor sports group or company team, contact us to get involved with the POW UK club or Community Reps programme and start influencing those around you.

Black Run

This is the steepest and most challenging of the runs, influencing money. 

Engage with your bank

Find out what their sustainability policy is – who do they lend to and, more importantly, who don’t they lend to? Do they have funds specifically for environmentally friendly companies? If so, can you move your money into them? Funds are starting to divest fossil fuel assets, but the more noise we make, the faster this will happen. 

Learn about finance & climate

Watch this video from Aviva to understand how your pension fund can make a difference and how you can influence it.

Use SwitchIt and Banking on Climate Change Report to find out which banks and pensions are doing well, or not so much.

Consider your pension

Engage with your employer on pension investment policy – aim to move to climate aware funds with active stewardship. Get help with approaching your employer about sustainable pensions from ShareAction.

You can also approach your pension provider directly about going Net Zero, and sign the MakeMyMoneyMatter petition.